1. Scrub up for a fascinating journey!

    Scrub up for a fascinating journey!

    Medical scrubs are an evolution - and a very welcome one at that.   An essential part of infection control, they’ve been evolving over the last 100 years or so but the versions we recognise today - and who isn’t familiar with the sight and symbolism of scrubs since the pandemic - largely emerged during the mid to late 20th century. Here
  2. How to wear: aprons

    Aprons have been worn for practical and fashionable reasons for centuries, originally taking their name from the old French word for a small piece of cloth, ‘napron’.   They are the ultimate symbol of hospitality; from our early childhood memories of mums and grannies lovingly preparing the family roast to being a staple part of the
  3. How to wear: beauty tunics

    Uniforms are generally viewed as a practicality. But when it comes to beauty and spa settings, workwear has to seriously up its game to reflect the nature of the industry. That means style and substance without compromising on quality, comfort and durability.   Why wear a beauty salon uniform?   The right impression First and
  4. Taking special care of those who care for others

    At Harveys our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We really value the close relationships we’ve built up with so many of them over the years and when the opportunity arises, we’re always keen to find out more about them. We’ve been supplying uniforms to Marjara Care Group for over 13 years so you could say we know them pretty
  5. Stitching customer stories to make a great workwear impression

    Stitching customer stories to make a great workwear impression

    As the saying goes: ‘The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail’.   And as a well-regarded, long standing supplier of workwear to a whole range of professional industries and sectors, it’s always been our ethos to ensure attention to detail and quality are at the forefront of everything we do.
  6. How to wear: denim aprons

    Denim aprons are a great choice for hospitality workers including baristas, waiting staff, and front of house teams.   Why choose a denim apron? Denim is a hard wearing and durable material which makes it ideal for busy restaurants and kitchens. It’s also a fashionable material that adds a modern flair to any dining or drinking
  7. How to wear: hospital scrubs

    Your medical scrubs may vary in colour dependent on the healthcare sector you work within, but there are some things you should always look out for when buying a new scrub suit.   Why wear scrubs? Scrubs are sanitary garments and so make them ideal for those working within the healthcare sector. Originally worn by surgeons, the modern scrub
  8. Hungry for hospitality to reopen

    Hungry for hospitality to reopen

    Beer gardens have been packed and for once the weather has been more than kind, making the prospect of al fresco drinking and dining very appealing.   Yes, 12th April was definitely a step in the right direction for our beloved hospitality sector, but let’s face it, we’ve all been savouring the opportunity to dine indoors once more. The
  9. Uniform support for the reopening of beauty salons and spas

    Uniform support for the reopening of beauty salons and spas

      There was a collective ‘whoop’ from behind a nation of overgrown fringes and locks.   Those tense shoulders requiring a well overdue massage momentarily relaxed, not to mention the relief of knowing those issues only a beautician’s skill can tame will soon be addressed. Yes, 22nd February brought some news we’ve all been
  10. How to create positive impressions with the right workwear and embroidery

    Wearing the right clothing for business and work is really important for both practical and commercial reasons. Making a good impression on behalf of your business or organisation is crucial especially, for example, with customers, pitching for business, attending events or recruiting new staff. Similarly, good branding is an important part of

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