Professions that wear scrubs

Professions that wear scrubs These days it’s hard to believe there was ever a time scrubs weren’t commonly worn in medical and health care settings. Nursing scrubs, medical scrubs, surgical scrubs, call them what you will, they’re now common place across hospitals, GP’s surgeries, dentists, pharmacies, care homes and veterinary ...

Personalizing Your Healthcare Uniform: Tips and Tricks

Personalizing Your Healthcare Uniform: Tips and Tricks Introduction In the demanding and fast-paced care industry, uniforms serve as both a practical necessity and a branding opportunity. However, there's much more to healthcare uniforms than meets the eye. They can also be a canvas for professional branding. This blog post delves into the art ...

How to Choose the Right Scrub Suit for Your Profession

A little about Harvey’s Workwear At Harvey’s Workwear, our priority has always been to ensure your team members are properly equipped, whether that be in a medical scrub or a sophisticated full office suit. We have proudly supplied many professions with workwear, direct from the UK, since 1950. Our main passion in particular is ...

Decoding the Colours of Healthcare Uniforms

Decoding the colours of healthcare uniforms  For decades following the inception of nursing uniforms, the colour reflected a hygienic aesthetic – namely white. Nurse uniform colours changed to make them easier to keep clean, hemlines rose so they weren’t dragging on the floor and nylon fabric made medical uniforms more ...

History of UK nurse uniforms: 1800s to present day

Fashion, society, historic events and even religion have all played a part in the evolutionary journey of nurse’s uniforms.   Before the foundation of modern nursing in the 1800s nuns were primarily responsible for caring for the sick and injured and so the very first official nurse uniform bares close resemblance to the nun’s ...

How to Care for Nurses Uniforms

Nurses are among the unsung heroes of the healthcare industry, tirelessly working to provide the utmost care to their patients across hospitals, residential care and in people’s homes. Alongside the dedication and skill required, for nurses uniforms are a huge part of the role, providing infection prevention and control, identity, and ...

How you should dress for work as a nurse

Although today’s nurses uniforms are a far cry from Florence Nightingale’s full-length nurse dress and apron inception, its primary function for protection and infection control still stands strong to this day. But what are the do's and don’ts when it comes to dressing for work and how far can you go when it comes to personalising your ...

Our commitment to the healthcare industry

Healthcare uniforms are well and truly woven into the fabric of our Harveys Workwear heritage. Throughout our seven decades of existence, we’ve sewn together an impeccable reputation for supplying high quality and durable uniforms and workwear to all manner of healthcare sectors. And it all began with one of our most respected and admired ...

How to wear: Striped aprons

Aprons have been used to distinguish between specific trades for hundreds of years - none more so than the British butcher’s striped apron.   In fact, tradesmen in general were called ‘apron men’ - butlers wore green, cobblers wore black, weavers wore blue, and barbers became synonymous with chequered aprons. But it’s the boater-...

Harveys has Christmas all wrapped up for hospitality

The Christmas countdown has begun!   Let’s face it, it began weeks ago with mince pies and selection boxes spotted on supermarket shelves even before the days were getting shorter and the chills of autumn kicked in. And for those in hospitality it’s never far from the mind. The festive period is certainly one of the busiest times for ...
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