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  1. Our commitment to the healthcare industry

    Our commitment to the healthcare industry

    Healthcare uniforms are well and truly woven into the fabric of our Harveys Workwear heritage. Throughout our seven decades of existence, we’ve sewn together an impeccable reputation for supplying high quality and durable uniforms and workwear to all manner of healthcare sectors. And it all began with one of our most respected and admired
  2. How to wear: Striped aprons

    Aprons have been used to distinguish between specific trades for hundreds of years - none more so than the British butcher’s striped apron.   In fact, tradesmen in general were called ‘apron men’ - butlers wore green, cobblers wore black, weavers wore blue, and barbers became synonymous with chequered aprons. But it’s the boater-
  3. Harveys has Christmas all wrapped up for hospitality

    Harveys has Christmas all wrapped up for hospitality

    The Christmas countdown has begun!   Let’s face it, it began weeks ago with mince pies and selection boxes spotted on supermarket shelves even before the days were getting shorter and the chills of autumn kicked in. And for those in hospitality it’s never far from the mind. The festive period is certainly one of the busiest times for
  4. How to wear: Restaurant aprons

    Restaurant aprons aren’t just practical - they’re on trend!   Aprons in general have enjoyed a chequered history including as a symbol of the working classes and domestication - but all that’s changed in recent times. World renowned luxury fashion house Jil Sander recently introduced three aprons on to the catwalk as part of the label
  5. How to wear: Chef jackets

    Think of a chef and the double-breast chef’s jacket immediately springs to mind - oh, and maybe the tall white hat known as the ‘toque blanche’.   The chef’s jacket is an iconic and essential staple of the traditional chef whites uniform. It symbolises status, professionalism and of course culinary expertise. It’s origins date
  6. Relax and unwind as we apply spa and beauty therapy history!

    Relax and unwind as we apply spa and beauty therapy history!

      Relax and unwind as we apply spa and beauty therapy history!   You’d be forgiven for thinking spa resorts and beauty therapy are both a relatively modern incarnation. In truth these practices have existed for hundreds if not thousands of years. The word ‘spa’ is believed to have derived from the Latin phrase ‘Salus per
  7. Scrub up for a fascinating journey!

    Scrub up for a fascinating journey!

    Medical scrubs are an evolution - and a very welcome one at that.   An essential part of infection control, they’ve been evolving over the last 100 years or so but the versions we recognise today - and who isn’t familiar with the sight and symbolism of scrubs since the pandemic - largely emerged during the mid to late 20th century. Here
  8. How to wear: aprons

    Aprons have been worn for practical and fashionable reasons for centuries, originally taking their name from the old French word for a small piece of cloth, ‘napron’.   They are the ultimate symbol of hospitality; from our early childhood memories of mums and grannies lovingly preparing the family roast to being a staple part of the
  9. How to wear: beauty tunics

    Uniforms are generally viewed as a practicality. But when it comes to beauty and spa settings, workwear has to seriously up its game to reflect the nature of the industry. That means style and substance without compromising on quality, comfort and durability.   Why wear a beauty salon uniform?   The right impression First and
  10. Taking special care of those who care for others

    At Harveys our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We really value the close relationships we’ve built up with so many of them over the years and when the opportunity arises, we’re always keen to find out more about them. We’ve been supplying uniforms to Marjara Care Group for over 13 years so you could say we know them pretty

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