How to wear: Restaurant aprons

Restaurant aprons aren’t just practical - they’re on trend!


Aprons in general have enjoyed a chequered history including as a symbol of the working classes and domestication - but all that’s changed in recent times.

World renowned luxury fashion house Jil Sander recently introduced three aprons on to the catwalk as part of the label’s latest collection, catapulting the humble garment into the realms of haute couture.

Visit any trendy bistro, bar or restaurant and you’ll find front of house teams sporting this latest evolution in hospitality workwear.

They offer both style and function and with an ever-growing range to choose from they’re definitely a far cry from the 1800s aprons cobbled together from scraps of material.

Often matched to branding or décor, restaurant aprons are one of the most versatile workwear garments.


restaurant barista wearing apron


Some of the benefits of restaurant aprons:

  • A kitchen staple to reduce cross-contamination between raw and cooked ingredients during food preparation, front of house aprons protects the wearer from splashes and spills.
  • They’re durable and made from high quality fabrics to withstand frequent washing at the required high temperatures. We recommend washing our Harveys aprons at 60 degrees.
  • Easy to personalise with embroidered logos and names - and often featuring stylish embellishments including contrast straps and fastenings - they’re a very popular item of workwear.
  • Aprons are affordable and easy to replace.
  • One of the most functional aspects of an apron is the pocket - they may even have two or three including a handy pen compartment.


All in all, the waiter apron is the perfect piece of workwear, appealing to staff, creating a professional aesthetic for customers and acting as a brand definer for your restaurant, café, bar, bistro or dining experience.

From waitress aprons to baristas and bartenders, we provide a wide range of apron styles and colours including bib, short waist, long bar, denim and waxed look.

From short waist apron styles such as the Denim Waist Apron to the slighter longer Waist Apron available in a whole rainbow of colours.

Our denim-look Cross Back Barista Apron is a clever of blend of style and substance featuring a cross back tie, dungaree fastenings and a large centre pocket with pen slot.


Alongside our restaurant apron range, we supply workwear for all hospitality staff from front of house to kitchen and cleaning teams.

And personalising your aprons, uniforms and workwear couldn’t be easier with our expert embroidery service