Our commitment to the healthcare industry

Our commitment to the healthcare industry

Healthcare uniforms are well and truly woven into the fabric of our Harveys Workwear heritage.

Throughout our seven decades of existence, we’ve sewn together an impeccable reputation for supplying high quality and durable uniforms and workwear to all manner of healthcare sectors.

And it all began with one of our most respected and admired British institutions, the NHS.

Not long after establishing Harveys Workwear in 1950 - amid the rich textile history of our hometown of Oldham - we were contracted as a main supplier to the NHS, exciting in itself as this world-leading revolution in free and accessible healthcare was still in its infancy following its creation in 1948.

This prestigious organisation had strict and exacting standards for uniform quality, and we became renowned for our painstaking attention to design, fabric, stitching and embroidery to ensure each garment was perfectly made.

Fast forward to today, we are still proud to clothe our frontline NHS workforce along with those working in care home settings, dental surgeries, veterinary practices, physio and occupational therapy and nurseries, to name a few!

And those high standards and attention to detail? They definitely still apply.

Healthcare workwear is our main area of expertise, expertise that has been honed, honoured and handed down through generations of the skilled Harveys’ workforce and ownership - our current day owner is the grandson of our founder Harvey Wild, who not only continues the family firm tradition but is named after his grandfather!

The business has evolved greatly over the years as has healthcare workwear and uniforms - a far cry from the stiff white gowns sported by surgeons and the cloaks and caps once worn by nurses.

The birth of the NHS not only revolutionised healthcare for the masses, it also signalled a shift in healthcare fashion, introducing style and colour, particularly for nurses.

Our first foray into making NHS uniforms coincided with this much welcome, more functional transformation which brought about NHS blue, and for nurses, shorter sleeves and a new cap design.

The introduction of washing machines and tumble dryers in the 60s hailed the use of more durable fabric, allowing uniforms to be washed and ironed easily at home.

Practicality and choice landed in the 70s and 80s, as nurses - who in those days tended to be women - were given the option to wear white pantsuits, and in the 90s those working in theatres were allowed to wear medical scrubs, the ultimate sanitary garment.

Scrubs, a mainstay of hospitals in the US and popularised by TV shows such as ‘ER’ in the 90s, ‘Scrubs’ and ‘Greg’s Anatomy’, are a uniform of choice across many health care settings these days and not only because they’re easy to wear and sanitise.

They’re also available in a host of colours to suit any profession or setting - for example the Harvey’s scrub range includes blue, green and pink shades, along with burgundy, light purple and black options - and are easy to brand or personalise with embroidery.

Healthcare uniforms and workwear aren’t just practical, they have many psychological benefits too.

Not only do uniforms help to denote levels of seniority and identify staff roles, they also give the wearer a sense of belonging and pride in their position and organisation, as well as provide reassurance to those being cared for.

As a long-standing and reputable healthcare uniform supplier we offer quality and choice across our ranges of uniforms, scrubs, tunics and trousers for men and women, available in a wide selection of colours.

You can personalise your order through our bespoke embroidery service by simply selecting the option at checkout.

Our team will work with you to ensure the expert stitching of everything from names to logos and branding.

Alongside quality you can trust, we also pride ourselves on providing an exceptional and knowledgeable customer service with the aim of lightening your load when it comes to ordering.

Whether you prefer to order online or over the phone, our friendly customer service team are on hand to answer your questions and queries - or email us if you prefer.

This lovely Trustpilot review says it all!

“Harveys are brilliant online and by phone. Polite and helpful. The uniforms are really good quality and a reasonable price. We have used them for over 12 years and wouldn’t use anybody else.” - Gillian Lewis, Trustpilot.

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